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2022 year in review

2022 Hot Topic Year In Review With Billy And Sheba

Thank you for joining us for another ePa Livestream conversation on some of the important issues impacting our American culture. Today my guests are Billy Buntin and Sheba Newman-Blunt, Esq.; storytellers, animation and social media creators. Billy and Sheba are also newlyweds.  


  • Billy Buntin
    • Storyteller, animation creator; Breadlums!
  • Sheba 
    • Sheba Newman-Blunt, Esq.., stand-up comedian, writer, social media content creator; Breadlums!


  • U.S. Military Changing Pronouns and the LGBTQ+ pushback
  • Congressman-Elect George Santos Web of Lies
  • FTX and the Crypto Market
    • TJ Holmes and Amy Robach
    • Feminism Today; Michelle Obama vs Tia Mowry
    • Sobriety and the pressures and fun of drinking
    • Breadlums! The new animated series for adults