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ePa Live: The Power of Classical Music, Photography & Mastering Pressure

ePa Live had another great showing today! We heard from master cellist, Wade Stewart Davis. He’s part of S’amusant, the newest Early Music group on the Baltimore scene. Wade Davis kept the music going throughout the pandemic, and is still making an incredible mark in the classical music world. You can catch his next performance: Beethoven: Piano Trio in D Major, Op. 70, No. 1, the “Ghost” | Schubert: Piano Quintet in A Major, D667, the “Trout” on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at the Smithsonian Chamber Music Society. Click HERE for details and to purchase tickets.
Also joining the show is Ron Samuels to discuss his photography work as owner of A Focused Eye Photography, and the DC drum circle he joins on Sundays in Malcolm X Park as a form of energy healing or Reiki Healing and community connection. All are welcome to join the drum circle Sundays at 3pm.
We conclude with the phenomenal Tina Greenbaum, CEO of Mastery Under Pressure. Greenbaum is a psychotherapist and executive coach. Her signature program, Mastery Under Pressure, gives leaders personal tools to empower themselves and their teams. We also discussed the release of the horrific beating death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis by the hands of a special police force called, SCORPION unit. It has since been disbanded in light of the outrage of the brutal and senseless killing of Nichols. Greenbaum offered some wisdom we can all use to deal with the trauma that impacts Our America Culture. We all hurt when these things happen. Change must come. We can no longer accept police abuse and brutality in America or anywhere else. A change MUST come. And if Tyre Nichols’ brutal death doesn’t force change, nothing will. And so, his death and suffering will not be in vain.  #JusticeForTyre 
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NABJ Offers Guidance on Coverage of the Tyre Nichols Murder Footage


Posted by kstewart

January 27, 2023 12:40 pm

Today, and this weekend, the news cycle will be traumatic. As his family, Memphis citizens, the Black community, and the nation continue to cope with the tragic murder of Tyre Nichols, footage of the horrific death is expected to be released soon.

NABJ extends its deepest condolences to Tyre’s family and all who knew and loved him. We pray for their comfort as they will have to relive that horrendous moment once the footage is made available.

Learning more about what happened to Tyre during the senseless beating by five Black police officers will be painful. It will be painful not just for all those watching, reading and listening to the details of the tragic murder at the hands of police, but also for the Black reporters, editors, producers, photographers, videographers, community managers, etc., covering the story.

They will have to deal with being triggered by past traumatic experiences and stories about police violence while balancing their calling to seek the truth and report it. All while knowing that Tyre could have been their spouse/partner, sibling, child, cousin, or best friend. They will have to stand tall and hold back tears and frustrations in a moment when the world is depending on them to help them understand how these senseless acts of violence continue to happen between police and Black citizens.

RowVaughn Wells, mother of Tyre Nichols, who died after being beaten by Memphis police officers, cries as she is comforted by Tyre’s stepfather Rodney Wells, at a news conference with civil rights Attorney Ben Crump in Memphis, Tenn., Monday, Jan. 23, 2023. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

A Call for Thoughtful and Responsible Journalism

What will matter most during this news cycle is accuracy, responsibility, sensitivity, fairness, and support. News executives and managers must ensure that the reporting produced under their leadership follows the pillars of journalism and unapologetically tells Tyre’s story through a careful lens of the Black community. They must make it a priority to be intuitive about what is seen, heard and read by their audiences. And they must immediately activate and sustain resources to help ensure that the mental health of their staff is properly considered and cared for.

Experiencing trauma after trauma takes its toll on any person. While journalists are coping with trauma as a citizen, they are expected to stay faithful to their duty to accurately report on it, holding back, as much as possible, the same human emotions their audience is feeling. We implore newsroom leaders to recognize that their Black staff members are more than just journalists and creators in this moment. Give them space to grieve, breathe and express themselves during such a devastating time.

Managers should ensure that news staff can take a moment when they need it and are not left with the sole burden of being a voice for the Black community and local community. Put together a team, bring in experts and involve local citizens to help tell the story with balance, depth, and perspective.

Be mindful of how the footage, images and audio are used. Ensure when they are used it adds value to the story, is not used out of context, and is not creating unnecessary trauma for the audience and reporter. Be careful not to spread misinformation by requiring fact-checking and not allowing the reporting of hearsay.

A Call for Safety and Support 

As reports come in that law enforcement units across the nation are bracing for unrest and outcry related to the release of the footage, we urge news companies to ensure their staff is safe while in the field, have legal support, security, a buddy system, and know their rights as members of the press. Newsrooms must remember that Black reporters may not only face the normal challenges of navigating what is happening on the streets but also battle with fear that because of their race, they may be harassed, even arrested, by law enforcement while simply doing their jobs (just as we have seen in the past).

We extend our support to Black journalists, and all journalists worldwide, who are telling Tyre’s story with great courage and conviction. We encourage our members and colleagues to take advantage of the mental health resources we have available on our YouTube channel here. Remember to be proactive in requesting and utilizing resources from your companies and health plans. Be watchful and safe on the field.

ePa Live

ePa Live: LAUL Makes History & Improving How The LGBTQIA+ Community Is Portrayed In The Arts

This week ePa Live had another great guest lineup!

Thank you for joining the conversation to hear from Los Angeles Urban League COO, Cynthia Mitchell Heard. She made history as LAUL’s first woman Chief Operating Officer. Also joining the talk is Gregory Q. Jenkins, President and CEO of Quentasia Studios, Inc. He discussed his mission to improve how the LGBTQIA+ community is portrait in the entertainment industry. We will also discuss George Santos denying his drag queen background and how his betrayal of truth affects the community he claims to be a member of.

If you missed the livestream, no worries! Check it our below.  And, see you next Saturday at 2pm on ePa Live!


Los Angeles Urban League Makes History With Appointment Of First Woman Chief Operating Officer


The highly respected non-profit executive makes history by becoming the first woman Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the legendary civil rights organization as it begins its second century of service to underserved communities in Los Angeles County.


Ron Carter | | (626) 345-1413

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, January 12, 2023:  Cynthia Mitchell Heard, a highly respected leader in nonprofit, has joined the Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) as its Chief Operating Officer (COO).  The announcement was made by Ambassador Michael A. Lawson, President and CEO of the perennial civil rights organization.  The appointment is a historic one for the iconic organization, with Ms. Heard becoming the first woman to hold this leadership position at LAUL.

“We are excited to have Cynthia Heard as our new Chief Operating Officer,” said Ambassador Lawson.  “Ms. Heard has an extensive background and experience in the non-profit world and her accomplishments in bettering the lives of disenfranchised communities in Los Angeles are admirable and remarkable.  We are looking forward to her leadership as we move the Los Angeles Urban League into its second 100 years of service.”

Cynthia Mitchell Heard previously served as Vice President of Business Development and Communications  for the YWCA Greater Los Angeles (YWCA, GLA), creating and helming unprecedented social impact campaigns which serve as a blueprint for systemic change.  Ms. Heard created a myriad of public/private, state, local and federal partnerships to design innovative community and operational collaborations throughout Los Angeles County to fund supportive services. During the COVID 19 pandemic, she developed key funding mechanisms through her steadfast efforts and assisted with promoting economic stability through public private workforce development, community engagement and securing resources to improve disenfranchised communities that experienced lack of access.

Prior, Ms. Heard served as Senior Executive Vice President of Programs for Children Uniting Nations (CUN) where she developed national collaborative stakeholder partnerships and created statewide bi-partisan advocacy initiatives that focused on new avenues to break down the barriers that surround at-risk/foster youth and marginalized families.

“It is my honor to join President & CEO, Michael Lawson, and the entire team at the Los Angeles Urban League,” said Cynthia Heard.  “I am truly looking forward to embracing the mission of LAUL and the commitment of this stellar team as we continue the advancement of the ongoing community engagement programs, economic stability/self-reliance, civil rights advocacy and the workforce enrichment of our marginalized and disenfranchised communities throughout Los Angeles.”

Cynthia Heard received her Master of Education from Howard University in Washington, D.C. and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. She is a distinguished board member of California Women League of Voters, University of Southern California- Black Alumni Association, KIS Foundation (Sickle Cell) and International Black Women Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI).

About Los Angeles Urban League

Los Angeles Urban League serves, educates and empowers African Americans and other minorities to secure economic self-reliance and civil rights by providing targeted social programs and advocating for issues that benefit our communities. Visit and follow Los Angeles Urban League WebsiteFacebookInstagram and Twitter

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ePa Live: Harnessing Potential, Prison Health, Con Man Santos, Leader McCarthy & The Republican Party

ePa Live at 2PM EST today, (1/14/23) on the following topics: Harnessing Potential, Prison Health, Con Man George Santos, Leader Kevin McCarthy & The State of the Republican Party.
We livestream on Facebook and YouTube: @epluribusamerica and on Twitter: @ePluribusUSA.

This weeks guests are:

  • Jermiko Thomas, Author an Entrepreneur on harnessing your potential, the importance of kindness and standing up for victims of bullying. 
  •  Oneika Mays, Yogi, Meditation Expert and Activist will discuss her work, prison health and the benefits of meditation and yoga. She will also discuss her work on Rikers Island.
  • Gregory Cheadle, Politician and Real Estate Broker will discuss Con Man George Santos, Leader Kevin McCarthy and the state of the Republican Party he left after Trump called him “his African American.”If you missed ePa Live this week,  no worries, check it our below! And we’ll catch up on the next ePa LIVE, Saturdays at 2PM EST!

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ePa Livestream: The NFL Culture, U.S. Politics And Prospects In Freetown Sierra Leone

Thank you for joining us for another ePa Livestream conversation on Damar Hamlin and the NFL with AJ O’Hagan, Sports Information Director and Yeshiva University. We will also hear from Ron Carter of The Carter Agency on politics, including Kevin McCarthy’s desperation to become Speaker of the House. And we will also hear from Freetown City Council Member in Sierra Leone, Councilor Abioseh Agnes Wilson affectionately known as, Mama Nee. If you missed the Livestream at 2pm est today, check it out below! 


barbara walters and cindy adams

Women: The Ugly Truth About Our Bond And Rivalry


Want to know how women truly love each other? Read the book, Tripping The Prom Queen. But first, read the recent tribute written by a so-called girlfriend honoring the late legendary journalist and broadcaster, Barbara Walters. It’s what sparked my need to discuss a controversial topic: the disingenuous elements of the relationship between women.

Walters’ long-time friend and fellow journalist, Cindy Adams, took her thoughts and jotted them down in a tribute to honor her friendship with the icon. Adams highlighted the many experiences she shared with Walters, from their travels around the world, shopping sprees, dining at fancy restaurants to smooching with celebrities on fancy yachts. Adams wants the world to know that Barbara Walters was her best friend. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these bragging rights. However, Adams, in her last sentence, made a Freudian slip and showed us the dark side of their friendship: jealousy.

“I’ll tell you one thing — it’s tough to lose a longtime best friend. Number One. Nobody could beat Barbara Walters. But the very day she left us, so did His Holiness the former Pope Emeritus Benedict. For the first time in a quarter of a century, Barbara Walters took second billing,” Adams ends her tribute to her late friend. After reading everything else she wrote, even disregarding the fact that she didn’t even mention Walters’ daughter, Jacqueline Dena Guber, I was let down. It’s an anguish I experience regularly and it’s knowing deep down that some girlfriends, sisters and even mothers harbor jealousy and ill-will towards one another. Adams revelation broke my heart, however, it brought to the surface an important issue women must confront. And that is jealousy, rivalry and how we secretly don’t like each other.

tj holmes and amy robachAnother recent example of this betrayal is the disturbing case of GMA3 co-hosts, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach, who for whatever reason are determined to glamorize adultery and lack of decency. These two families were apparently friends. But sadly, Robach was only pretending to be Holmes’ friend and colleague because in actuality, she wanted her girlfriends husband for her own, despite having her own husband and children. Amy Robach is no woman’s girlfriend. She is the epitome of the black heart some women hide when they pretend to laugh with their girlfriends, when the truth is hiding gnashed teeth filled with bitterness, envy and hate that another woman is happy. Another phenomenon of the state of our bond and loyalty is that some women are taking their home wrecking skills to social media to brag about stealing other women’s husbands. We saw this play out on the hit TV show, Love and Marriage: Huntsville on the OWN Network. Yes, even our television guru Oprah Winfrey benefits financially from exploiting this ugly truth between women. 

Why can’t we be happy for each other? Has there ever been loyalty amongst women? Can we truly trust each other with our significant others? Do we only join hands to hate men and the women who threaten us? Amy Robach is the tragic testament to this ugly truth of the phony friendship between women. And we hear of this soul conflict all the time. We share stories of how women don’t dress to impress men but other women, how the babysitter or housekeeper turns into the mistress and/or baby momma (Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the list goes on and on. Men do this too, but women are the greatest offenders of loyalty. They just hide it better.

the housekeepers secret

Nevertheless, this year women plan to congregate on January 22nd as part of the Women’s March movement to fight for our families, our freedom and our future. However, considering the state of our fraying bond and disloyalty toward one another, it may be wise to keep significant others at home.  Forget fearing a Karen, but be weary of the Amy Robach’s running loose.

the con men games

Con Man Games: How Kevin McCarthy And George Santos Play In The Peoples House



Today, Americans are being served a con man, #AsbestosSantos despite his blatant lies to steal an election in New York. Liar-elect George Santos, (If that’s truly his name) is slated to be seated as a bona-fide Member of Congress representing the 3rd Congressional District in New York, despite his blatant criminal acts and un-American behavior, including alleged money laundering and tampering with election spending and reporting. And anyone who thinks his half-assed apology during his Fox News interview where he claims his lies are “debatable” despite clear evidence of his incredible world-record lies, is remotely sincere… is more interested in stoking the fire that keep Americans divided on party lines.

And Kevin McCarthy, who only wants enough votes to secure power and the Speaker title in The Peoples House, has remained dead silent on the egregiousness of this dangerous scam and con man because he wants his ill-gotten vote for Speaker. Regardless of party affiliation, the American people should be outraged at this deliberate burning of our flag by Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Party. The old adage, united we stand, divided we fall, has never been clearer and more significant than what we are witnessing in our political arena today, and in the aftermath of Trumpism.

America is flaring up like a severe case of arthritis and some of our elected leaders only care about personal gains and power. We remain a country divided despite the manifestations of #45 that was the January 6th attack on the nation’s capital. A country divided on basic truths and principles rooted in a shared humanity is a country on the edge of a cliff. History is cyclical. And seating Liar-elect George Santos is no different than what the settlers did to the wild buffaloes to defeat Native Americans. The Republican Party is not working for We, The People. They’re working for themselves to construct an America that only serves the rich, corporations and special interest groups that only want to feed from the trough and the wealth generated by working class Americans and the immigrants they loath. Folks, we’re in big trouble. And seating George Santos despite the fact that he STOLE an election, amounts to awarding a con man for doing a fantastic job conning the people who elected him. And if that’s what Republicans call democracy, imagine what they consider humanity.

In the meantime, Kevin McCarthy is so egregious with his silence and complicity on George Santos, the man has already moved into the Speaker’s Chamber despite the challenge he’s facing within his own party, including not having the votes necessary to become the next Speaker of the House. Imagine that. One can’t be shameful if they’re shameless. And that’s a dangerous precedent that produced the scum con man, George Santos.

The cycle continues.