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ePa Live_02252023

ePa Live: Racism & Technology In The Age of AI, Cultural Theft & Social Devaluation

ePa Live Guest:

  • Dr. Niyana “KoKo” Rasayon, MA., PhD., LPCC, Behavioral Neuroscientist; Associate Professor, University of the District of Columbia

Dr. Rasayon has authored two books that build on social neuroscience, “Reality Check: A Manual for the Hue-man Octahedron & The Mystery of Melanin, and The Awakening: OMG The President is Black”. His Master’s thesis examined the psychological characteristics of vegetarians & non-vegetarians. He is a Board-Certified Fellow & Diplomate in Afrikan Centered-Black Psychology. Dr. Rasayon has taught psychology for 16 years, three of which included courses in the U S Pentagon. Dr. Rasayon also completed the first EEG (brain waves) study on culture and learning styles among Afrikan-Amerikan males at Howard University. His work, programs and books can be found at:

This Saturday we will discuss his work, the impact of technology on the brain, healthy ways to co-exist with technology and why Black people are disproportionately and negatively impacted by algorithms and facial technology.  Join the conversation, like, share and subscribe! If you missed it, no worries, check it out below. 

rihanna as mother

Rihanna Redefined The Modern Woman At Super Bowl LVII


Rihanna rose as the symbol of the modern woman, a real wonder woman capable of magic, during her halftime performance at Super Bowl 57. Her red cape and superhero look completes this assertion of her super woman status. And in a time when womanhood is under heightened assault, Rihanna rose to meet the moment like the Joan of Arc of Hip-Hop to reclaim our sacred places and spaces in society. What is a woman? Rihanna. And that is an exemplary answer to that ridiculous question that many are pretending to fumble with. Even the historic confirmation hearings to seat the nation’s first Black woman as U.S. Supreme Court Justice wasn’t immune to this idiocrasy. And sadly, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson didn’t answer the loaded question with just a side-eye an eyeroll. 

Rihanna_Super Bowl 57

Rihanna rose like a red phoenix on her floating stage. And she rose as a true Black goddess too, carrying new life and solidifying the Black woman as the true cradle of mankind and humanity. And she didn’t have to wear a costume crown to appear like the queen that she naturally is. She came as the true definition of a queen mother: responsible for life and giving life. She doesn’t need obsessive fans attacking non-fans like a lost beehive, either. And Stephen A. Smith is absolutely right, Rihanna certainly ain’t Beyoncé.

Rihanna is the epitome of the modern woman who fully embraces and understands her power and her secure place in society and in area she chooses to thrive in. Rihanna performed for us mortals, but her talents are ancestral, deep rooted and long traveled. Rihanna, with her fantastic Super Bowl performance solidifies that women are not just strong, but capable of anything. Even perform pregnant at the Super Bowl. No one can ever do what we do, no matter how hard they try to duplicate our magic.

Rihanna_Super Bowl 57

Rihanna—pregnant with her second child with partner A$AP Rocky—drew a reported 118.7 million viewers, while the big game between Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles pulled in 113 million viewers. Another major win for the superstar is the boost to her already popular Fenty brand. According to reports, Rihanna’s entire makeup look was composed of Fenty Beauty products, and her backup dancers wore custom Savage x Fenty sports bras and boxers in white. This Super Bowl performance was hands-down a 360° win for Rihanna, and women by default are getting a positive trickledown effect from her success. 


marcus garvey_quote-epa front page feature

POTUS, The Time Is NOW To Exonerate Marcus Garvey


Dr. Julius Garvey made another plea for the exoneration of his father, The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. He says the push to clear his father’s name has been ignored during every administration since the exoneration movement started in the 1970s, including by the Obama administration when he thought they had a good chance to restore his father’s record and good name in Congress with help from the Congressional Black Caucus. Now, in his sunset years, the last living son of Marcus Garvey, a civil rights icon, staunch pan Africanist and Black freedom legend, is determined as ever to see this exoneration movement through.

“Can we do it? We can do it. We shall do it!” his father once exclaimed to galvanize Black people all over the world to work for their own freedom and self-determination. “Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race, is a leadership that will enslave you.” – Marcus Garvey 

This Black History Month, let us rededicate our efforts to request an official response from the White House and President Biden for a posthumous exoneration of the Rt. Honorable Marcus Garvey for his unjust persecution and imprisonment by the U.S. government in 1923.

As time goes by, will President Biden and his administration finally hear the call to exonerate Marcus Garvey?

Please join the movement and help exonerate Marcus Garvey:

“God and nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and eternity our measurement.” Marcus Garvey

Biden’s SOTU Address Was A Strong Reintroduction & Bid For Second Term


It started with a familiar kiss that turned dull halfway through his first term as 46th president of the United States. But by the end of his second State of The Union address, President Biden had delivered a powerful resounding message that touched on every bullet point most Americans would identity with and have in their social and political wish bucket. From promises of 12 million new jobs, American manufacturing, unions, healthcare, foreign policy, global competition, ongoing wars and veterans, to police reform and banning assault weapons, the president, hot like a fed-up dad threatening to turn the car around, delivered a focused agenda, and reminding us that, “America is possibilities.” At one point the pact chamber even unified in shouting, “USA! USA! USA!”

After two years of enduring insults and nonstop remarks about his stamina, and mental ability to lead a divided nation to unity and prosperity after Trump and Covid-19, President Biden delivered a one-two punch that silenced his critics, and raised his weary, even doubting supporters, to their feet. And charismatic as ever, with that crooked smile ready to deliver a corny joke, the president raised his voice instead and pointed his fingers at Americans, reminding us, “let’s not see each other as enemies” and that, “we must give hate and extremism in any form no safe harbor. He said, “democracy must not be a partisan issue. It’s an American issue.”

The president stepped up and into his symbolic role as head of a chaotic household to reign in order and extend a hand to “troublemaking” Republicans with a slight edge, for a chance at something different; a government unified on basic truths and the principles our nation stands upon.

Like a kiss on the lips between the FLOTUS and the First Second Gentleman, the speech was unexpected.


black history month with dr. julius garvey

Dr. Julius Garvey: The Philosophy & Opinions Of Marcus Garvey


dr. julius garvey live talk & book signingAs part of Black History Month, Sankofa Café, celebrating its 25th year of serving up books, knowledge, speakers and just about anything you can get in a Café, served up another incredible event: Dr. Julius Garvey LIVE, Talk & Book Signing.

Dr. Garvey discussed his new book: The Philosophy & Opinions of Marcus Garvey, and he also answered questions from the audience who joined the highly anticipated event. Many stood for hours to hear the son of The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, (UNIA) to achieve Black Nationalism through the celebration of African history and culture. Garvey was also a leader of Pan-Africanism, a movement to unite all Black people.

The event was organized by Woodson, Banneker, Jackson Bey Division 330 – UNIA-ACL, RC2020 and the African Diaspora Ancestral Commemoration Insitute, (ADACI). The event also featured the following leaders and speakers:  Iya Motilewa, Nkechi Taifa, Aza Zhenga and Baba Mosi Matsimeta.

Sankofa Video Books & Café is located at 2714 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001. Join their mailing list to stay updated on future events aimed at empowering the Black community and all those who wish to participate in its Black empowerment and culture movement.

Dr. Julius Garvey Speaks at Sankofa:

ePa Live: America’s Policing Culture & Cause And Effects Of Our Relationships

This week ePa Live had two great guests to discuss the issues that impact our American culture:

  • Matthew Horace, Former Federal Agent, Author & Chief Security Officer for the Mayo Clinic 

Horace joined ePa Live to discuss policing culture, Tyre Nichols beating death by Memphis police as well as his book: The Black and the Blue: A Cop Reveals the Crimes, Racism, and Injustice in America’s Law Enforcement. The book offers solutions to policing and an understanding of policing culture in America.

  • Red O’Laughlin, Author, Publisher & Public Speaker

O’Laughlin studies cause and effects of human relationships and offers ways to address the cause in order to adequately treat the symptoms of problems born from the cause and effects of relationships. He said, “I identify the causes of health and wellness problems. I provide information of potential solutions to treat these problems. I research the cause and effect relationships, at the cellular level, in the human body, biochemically speaking. I write and speak on the causes of health problems and provide solutions to address the causes of those problems.”

If you missed the live broadcast, you can still watch it below and on our YouTube channel: @epluribusamerica. Please like, share and subscribe!

ePa Live Question Of The Day and Super Bowl LVII Prediction:

Red O’Laughlin Offers Two Tips For Longevity:

The Advancement Project BHM Presentation of “Time” with Fox and Rob

Advancement Project’s kicked-off its Black History Month celebration with the screening of “Time” and a book talk with Fox and Rob, moderated by Liyah Brown, Esq., Justice Project Coordinator. The event was held at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC.

This Black History Month the Advancement Project’s Justice Project is celebrating Black love, perseverance and excellence in the face of systemic racism and incarceration. Time, the film, captivates audiences with a couple’s relentless fight for each other and justice amidst America’s depraved, harmful punishment and prison policies in one of America’s worst incarcerators. Fox and Rob Richardson share the rest of their riveting story, in Time, the book, including the faith that sustained them during their two decade imprisonment and the miracles that brought them and their family back together again.

Advancement Project is a national, next generation, multi-racial civil rights organization. AP’s Justice Project supports grassroots movements that build power of communities of color across the country and that challenge systemic anti-Blackness, racism and injustice. Their work is freedom-driven and focused on criminalization, policing and incarceration.

Time: The Untold Story of the Love That Held Us Together When Incarceration Kept Us Apart is available on Amazon. And also at: