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Food Sovereignty And The Divided State Of BIPOC In America

Our Panelists:

  • Omowale Afrika
  • Earlier this year, Filmmakers Omowale Afrika & Frank Edwards, traveled to Mississippi in search of information about, Baba Hannibal Tirus Afrik, a profound Black educational activist, to reintroduce his mission and vision to this generation. In June, on what would have been Baba Hannibal’s 88th birthday, the filmmakers released their findings in an article titled, Reparations, Food Sovereignty, and Starvation in America. Omowale and Frank are now in the pre-production phase for their new film project, Hannibal: The Fight for Food Sovereignty in the South. The goal of this new project is to heighten the level of awareness around the global food crisis, and to make it clear to Black America that food self-sufficiency is our only path to sustaining and protecting our freedom.
  • Sonia Martinez

The State Of American Culture And Our Politics


  • Wuhan Dansby
    • Lives in DC | Owner of DRE Partners | DRE Partners offers a range of consulting services including providing expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support of agencies’ management.
    • Chairman of Board of Directors NCBA/NCBA Housing Management Corporation, (affordable housing for seniors).
  • Maya Valentine
    • Congressional staff | Leadership | Washington, DC insider, trend-setter and influencer | her background also includes her work for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s internship program. And Maya also serves as the Communications Director for the Congressional Black Associates, a Congressional staff association on Capitol Hill.

The Red Wave That Couldn’t Make A Splash


Join us! My guests this Saturday are: Billy Buntin, Storyteller and former CNN Producer; Bradford Kane, Author, Pitchfork Populism and Ron Carter, NABJ Treasurer, The Carter Agency.

Our discussion will focus on the following hot topics: 2022 Midterm Elections, Elon’s Twitter,  Censoring Kyrie & Ye, Tiffany Cross Firing, and JLo Choosing JAff.