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Historians Years-Long Campaign Wins Landmark Status for Historic Black NYC School That Survived Anti-Black Riots

Building in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood is part of seeming flood of U.S. sites newly recognized for ties to Black history

A dormant 176-year-old building in downtown Manhattan played a role in New York’s little-known Draft Riots, which prompted Irish immigrants — angered over being drafted into the Civil War — to take their frustration out on Black people. The Irishmen gathered at the doors of Colored School No. 4, then a refuge for Black children who were taught by educators with ties to abolitionist, suffragist, religious and cultural movements.

Pulitzer winner E.R. Shipp wrote for NABJ Black News & Views about historian Erik K. Washington and his quest to win landmark status for the school. Read  Shipp’s full report HERE


Egypt On The Potomac: Ancient Africa Hidden In Plain Sight


As we head further into the summer months, many will be looking to fill their calendars with fun activities and adventures. Here’s a fun, informative and family friendly idea: Egypt on the Potomac. It is an educational field trip across Washington, D.C. showing a direct architectural link to ancient Egypt or Kemet. Author and historian, Anthony Browder, created the program as part of the IKG Cultural Resource Center he founded in 1981.

Thanks to the incredible work of Browder, folks can sign up for a fun-filled, educational and empowering field trip across Chocolate City to learn all about the architecture, masonic history and the African inspired, (in some cases a complete copy) design of this great city. 

Here’s a short clip of the educational field trip that will hopefully inspire you to grab your own boarding pass to journey across Washington, DC. Oh, the mindful and empowering places you’ll go, as you discover and clearly see all the contributions made to current civilization and humanity, thanks to those who gave both to the world; Africans.

Egypt on the Potomac: