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LBJ Dropped Out, Will Biden Follow Suit?




In March 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson shocked the nation by announcing that he would not seek re-election. This decision came after months of speculation and pressure from within his own party.

There were several factors that contributed to Johnson’s decision. One was the growing unpopularity of the Vietnam War. The war had become increasingly unpopular with the American public, and Johnson’s approval ratings had plummeted. Another factor was the growing opposition to Johnson within his own party. Many Democrats felt that Johnson had become too authoritarian and that his policies were too divisive.

Finally, Johnson’s health was also a factor in his decision. He had suffered a heart attack in 1955, and he was concerned that the stress of the campaign would be too much for him. In his announcement, Johnson said that he had made the “difficult decision” to drop out of the race in order to “put the welfare of the country first.” He also said that he believed that the Democratic Party could unite and defeat the Republican candidate, Richard Nixon. Johnson’s decision to drop out of the race had a significant impact on the 1968 presidential election. Nixon went on to win the election, and the Vietnam War continued to divide the country for many years to come.

The cyclical nature of history 

Today, America has reached a similar reflection point in the reelection of President Biden. And the barbaric genocide of the Palestinian people at the hands of our so-called ally, Israel, reawakens the horrors of Vietnam. The nation is facing an uncertain future without a savior, a champion for The People, one able to fight for a more just and equitable future. And former president Trump, responsible for the January 6th attack on the Capitol and indicted on 34 felony counts, is the candidate being forced down our throats despite the real threat he presents to the ideals and hope for an America that has yet to be. 

Consistently repeating false narratives, the American people are manipulated and heavily propagandized by corporate media to believe that we are faced with choosing one of the two supporters of Israel’s genocide that has killed 40,000 people and counting, mostly innocent civilians; women, children, and the elderly, including journalists. This, despite having other viable candidates to choose from like Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate and Cornel West, an Independent, and a few others that have not yet dropped out of the race for the White House. The media ignores them all by way of manipulation and false offerings. It is simply un-American. And it is so because our country has been compromised by our elected leaders who took bribes from lobbyists and corporations and sold us all out. Today, it’s evident who controls Congress: AIPAC, an Israeli foreign lobby. And if the recent unseating of Rep. Jamaal Bowman didn’t give a clue, here’s the mail, it never fails. 

What’s happening globally will hurt us domestically

The barbarism taking place with boastful impunity in full HD has shaken the world, not just America. And our government’s role in these atrocities lies squarely before Biden and Trump. They both support the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people for the sake of religious zealots; Zionists who confidently believe there is no God, and at the same time, say they are God’s “chosen people” and above all others. Imagine that.  And we can’t forget what our government is actively doing in Ukraine and Russia, against our will. And these aren’t the only two conflicts America is engaged in. What’s happening in Haiti tells of a coming storm too, the likes of which the world has never seen. 

The recent rulings by the Supreme Court, also a compromised institution, is deliberately weakening federal regulations, producing earthquake-like shockwaves to our legal system and governing structure right before our eyes. Why? Because Congress is compromised, too. Congress is being bought and sold at auction by lobbyists, corporations and foreign influences intent on our destruction and downfall as a powerful nation. And corporate media is driving the bus fast and furious. They blatantly lie to the American people with comfortable ease, especially when they offer us two false choices–Biden and Trump–to lead us into an uncertain future under global duress. Folks, America is in trouble and the rot started within. 

Will Biden step aside?

If history has any merit, yes. And the calls are coming in loud and clear in the face of his party’s denial and panic at their offering for a leader following a disastrous debate; a clearly feeble man in his 80s who needs assistance to walk and talk. The contempt the Democratic Party is showing it has for We, the People is profound. Major news corporations, owned by vicious oligarchs who see profit instead of people, are now calling on Biden to step down. “The truth Mr. Biden needs to confront now is that he failed his own test,” the NYT editorial board wrote. In return, they’re offering the American people only one choice: an unhinged racist felon that will help drive their ultimate agenda, the implementation of Project 2025.

Who do we run to? 

No one. We, the People ARE the government. And it is up to each and every one of us to show up and vote, because our very lives are at stake. Will Biden repeat the story of Truman? Who knows, but it’s a risk Democrats are apparently willing to take. And if The Heritage Foundation gets its way, neoconservative Republicans and their Project 2025 agenda will turn us back to a wrinkle in time when white supremacy and racial barbarism ruled America. We can’t let that happen. 

Americans must take responsibility for their country, see all the real and clear choices before them, and vote to hold our rogue government tearing us apart accountable. 

Biden and Trump are not our saviors. They are the symbolic anchors keeping America in a sunken place. I believe America is worth saving, and who you vote for will determine if we have a chance at turning back toward the America Langston Hughes dreamed of not so long ago. We must all be at the table when company comes, because our elected officials have no right to give foreign governments, lobbyists and corporations the authority to send us to the kitchen while they feast on our hard earned harvest.  The American Dream belongs to Americans, not to lawbreakers, the highest bidders and corrupt politicians.

Power belongs to We, the People. Let’s vote to take it back and change the course for America’s future, together.