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The Coronation Of The British Monarchy Is The Crucifixion Of Truth


As the world prepares to feast its eyes on the highly anticipated coronation of the British Monarchy, one would have to be violently shaken awake to the actual truth about the state of our world and the symbolism of this ancient evil power pursuing perpetual validation with expensive ceremonies in the Newer World.

The truth is that a racist wealthy man, Charles, with glutinous sausage fingers is finally getting to marry his long-serving mistress, Camilla. The truth is that he has never worked a single honest day’s work in his privileged life because all the wealth he enjoys and flashes as a brilliant bird of paradise, was plundered from Africa and other Black nations, many still under the ruling thumb of the crown he’s about to adorn as pompously and ceremoniously on May 6th, as if he’s not the epitome of pure evil, insidious injustice, and all that is wrong in the world.

The truth is that Charles and Camilla are symbolic head demons of the white supremacists underworld that has thus far in man’s evolution, been wildly and widely impactful in their mission to control the world and dominate all its wealth and resources without accountability, owing to their delusion of supremacy. These are the same people who created the caste system that places them on top of all others, while preaching the word of a stolen God. The very same people that ushered in chattel slavery across the world with the help of Christopher Columbus who delivered them the African Holocaust they still refuse to recognize, apologize for, nor repair with Reparations, ensuring anti-Black sentiments stays stat across the world. The very same people who will be sitting on fancy thrones on May 6th, will also be sitting on the graves and stolen artifacts of our Black ancestors who fought with valor during the Cape Frontier Wars—one of the most prolonged struggles by African peoples against European intrusion—including, the River War led by Britain’s war monger, Winston Churchill, who unapologetically refers to Black people as savages in his writings of the despicable conquest of the Sudan between 1896 and 1899.

Like J. Edgar Hoover in the U.S. where racism thrives with the still proud flying of the confederate battle flag, Churchill who lied about our African people in his writings and desecrated their graves, remains a celebrated British notable. If he was alive, Churchill would have a prime seat at the OG Klan gathering we deceptively glamorize as a “coronation.”

The truth is that the royal family’s billions don’t belong to them or the British Monarchy. All the wealth these people flaunt on galloping horses in serene scenes of heaven on earth full of white children, belong to the nations of Black people they lied to, stole from, enslaved, raped, killed and tortured to fit their behinds on an ill-gotten throne. Racism, fueled by their own Bible’s deadly sins, is what made the British Monarchy the world’s top sinner and evil doer. And the world is about to celebrate them, once again, with a lavish ceremony with heads of states and world leaders because the truth has no legs to stand on. The legs that buoyed truth since time in memorial have been amputated to fit the realities of the looters and plunderers of humanity.

Nevertheless, the compounding tragedy is that many of the children of our oppressed and enslaved ancestors will also be in attendance to gleefully clap and cheer for their white masters who beheaded, lynched and raped their fathers and mothers. Like a lost and insane tribe, they too will be taking part in the killing of truth like the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

All people deserve to feel good in the world. And as such, we are dutybound to teach and speak the truth about our history before it’s buried alive with fancy ceremonies and coronations.


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The Meghan Markle Media Massacre


Aaawkward! Yaaa’ll … this is really bad. I mean, really, really bad. Even if you’ve purposefully averted your eyes and attention, you still know exactly what I’m referring to: the trailer of Harry and Meghan’s 6-part docuseries being exposed as manipulative, and amateurish reality television. Everything they’re doing is turning into a dumpster fire. On the heels of Princess Catherine in that envy green dress, no less! As the vicious world wide web picks apart the docuseries frame by frame like feasting piranhas, and despite the madness of all the royal drama, this clash is an ancient story of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and brother vs. brother when the hierarchy pushes one up and the other further down the line.

prince william and princess catherine

When Harry and Meghan first came on the scene, I was excited about their union. And when Queen Elizabeth II presented her with her own family crest, I was thrilled and looked forward to more positive news from the modern couple, even though I didn’t keep up with royal news. Today, Harry and Meghan have dominated the airwaves for all the wrong reasons. Despite a genuine gripe of mistreatment and institutional racism, the couple have turned bitter on most lips and tongues. Social media is now competing to outdo itself with meme’s poking fun at the couple, especially after the release of the trailer, conspicuously during their in-laws royal trip to Boston. This is the moment when things got awkward.

Although Harry and Meghan still had some fan support, mostly Harry, the timing of the trailer’s release, the snarky twitter post that tagged it, including a new image of their son, Archie, turned the public away, and the impact it aimed for completely fizzled out like a dud firecracker. The fallout is still being felt, as senior Archewell staff run from their sinking PR ship. Although Harry is taking the media lashing alongside his wife, most of the venom is aimed at Meghan Markle. And Americans, with indefinable cultural attitudes, have not given Markle a U.S. pass either. From the turmoil surrounding her family relationships and friendship dynamics to her wedding guest list, Americans seem to agree that, just like Karen’s, they don’t like Meghan Markle. Even the comment section of positive stories on the Duchess of Sussex is filled with vitriol and total disdain for this woman. It’s quite shocking. harry & meghan

But what makes this entire media circus awkward is that we’re just getting started. There are 6 docuseries in total that will supposedly tell their “full truth” about the racism and deliberate mistreatment Markle experienced as a working royal. Piers Morgan, I mean, the world now anxiously waits to dissect every frame that will undoubtedly go on to live as meme’s on social media.

Global criticism has been ferocious and nonstop. The loud criticism is the symbolic tarring and feathering of Harry and Meghan. Many would say it’s well deserved. And Meghan comparing herself to Nelson Mandela, lying about conversations and events that never occurred, exaggerating a fire story that endangered their child’s life, posturing as environmental warriors while taking private jets, selling sad castle tales of being the royal “spare” prince, Markle claiming she is an only child and of course the infamous, if not scandalous Oprah Winfrey interview where the couple accused the British Royal Family of racism, didn’t help their pleas for pity.

Mind you, the world knows the truth of the matter and the history of the monarchy. I mean, even Harry wore a swastika armband once despite the many trips his late mother took to Africa to serve those less fortunate. The late Princess Diana turned her platform into service to others. She served others boldly and unapologetically, despite the “full truth” of the British monarchy she operated and advanced her goodwill to others under. She had a platform and used it to serve less fortunate people, and that’s why she became The Peoples Princess and will forever live as Queen in peoples hearts. No manipulation or PR machine feeding the trolls was used or needed for her star to shine as intended. She was authentic, unlike the Harkles.

Either way, the Montecito couple is not going away. They can’t. And it’s not the tarring that keeps them stuck in position, but rather the alleged $100-million Netflix deal they made with the devil.

Want to Netflix and chill? You may want to think about it. netflix devil deal