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What Will Americans Give Up For World Peace?


It’s no secret America is the world’s superpower. What shouldn’t be a secret is how we got here and where we aim to go: world domination rooted in capitalism.

We are steadily heading toward a new world order of capitalistic slavery and America is leading the charge through dominance. America, under the guise of “spreading democracy” plunders the mineral wealth of poor countries all over the world, making them dependent on us, all while destroying humanity, culture, and less fortunate people’s ability to be self-sustaining. We must recognize what’s at stake and work to push back America’s efforts to dominate the world through capitalistic means. If not, we will face a new form of slavery, rooted in capitalism and greed the world has never known.

It’s time to change the world and actively work for world peace. That’s going to require each and every one of us to be cognizant of our disproportionate abundance of wealth and other luxuries we take for granted. From the shoes we wear to the foods we eat, we must be mindful that someone in a poor country is being forced to produce these items we take for granted.  They make pennies on the dollar for their hard labor, we overpay for these items and those at the very top walk away with a disproportionate amount of the wealth accumulated from this form of capitalistic slavery, creating a world that is not sustainable in the long run.

It’s time we open our eyes and see our world for what it truly is: unbalanced and unsustainable. We must work to create a world where every country has the right to their own mineral wealth, the power to participate freely and fairly in the free market without the pressures and overreach of superpowers like America, China, Russia and Europe. It’s time to change the world and it’s going to take each and every one of us to bring that about. Perhaps it will mean giving something up for the sake of humanity and world peace. I asked average Americans if they would be willing to give something up for world peace. Here’s what they said:

What would you give up for the sake of world peace?