‘No Ceasefire, No Votes’: Pro-Palestinian Protesters March For End To War In Gaza

Pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in the thousands chanting, “Genocide Joe, No Ceasefire, No Vote, and Biden, Biden you cannot hide, you signed up for genocide,” in Washington on Saturday. The large protest is a continuation of global protests in response to the disproportionate bombardment of Gaza following the October 7th Hamas attack against Israel. Demonstrators are calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as Israel rages on despite international calls for a humanitarian ceasefire, in its military response leaving thousands of civilians dead, including nearly 5-thousand children. Organizers led by The People’s Forum plan future protests, according to the fiery speeches delivered at the event. The group also announced they plan to be at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions, as the 2024 presidential election heats up. 

Why are we marching?

Now is the time to stand with the besieged people of Palestine! Gaza is being bombed by the hour. Its people are denied  food, water and electricity by Israel. Tens of thousands more people are likely to die. We must ACT! People are in the streets everyday in their local cities and towns. Now we must UNITE! Join the tens of thousands people, from every corner of the United States, who are converging for a truly massive National March on Washington D.C. on Saturday, November 4.

Israel, with the full backing of the U.S. government, is carrying out an unprecedented massacre in Gaza. Thousands of Palestinians are being killed with bombs, bullets and missiles paid for by U.S. tax dollars. This is the latest bloody chapter in the colonial project of Israel, founded with the objective of dispossessing Palestinians from their land.” – The People’s Forum


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