ePa Live_01142023

ePa Live: Harnessing Potential, Prison Health, Con Man Santos, Leader McCarthy & The Republican Party

ePa Live at 2PM EST today, (1/14/23) on the following topics: Harnessing Potential, Prison Health, Con Man George Santos, Leader Kevin McCarthy & The State of the Republican Party.
We livestream on Facebook and YouTube: @epluribusamerica and on Twitter: @ePluribusUSA.

This weeks guests are:

  • Jermiko Thomas, Author an Entrepreneur on harnessing your potential, the importance of kindness and standing up for victims of bullying. 
  •  Oneika Mays, Yogi, Meditation Expert and Activist will discuss her work, prison health and the benefits of meditation and yoga. She will also discuss her work on Rikers Island.
  • Gregory Cheadle, Politician and Real Estate Broker will discuss Con Man George Santos, Leader Kevin McCarthy and the state of the Republican Party he left after Trump called him “his African American.”If you missed ePa Live this week,  no worries, check it our below! And we’ll catch up on the next ePa LIVE, Saturdays at 2PM EST!


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