Dear Al Franken: An Open Letter

Editor’s Note: Brian Hill is an Archaeologist and Anthropologist based in California. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own.


Al Franken;


You have really let us down!  Many of us thought you could be the next President, the person who could be trusted, a man whom we could respect, who put the interests of the people, all people, Republicans, women, and everyone else before self interests.  But you have been just another example of what is wrong with our world today.


Maybe, just maybe, you could overcome this failure by taking the lead in being very open with us, the citizens, your family and your groping colleagues by being totally open, contrite, humble, and by undergoing therapy, which also should be made public, about why you abused women, how you personally felt when you did it, and how you will practice overcoming man’s abuse of women.  In this way you could be a leader, a badly needed solution for our times instead just another sad male failure.


Until women can trust men again chaos will rule.


Brian Hill

Archaeologist and Cultural Anthropologist







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