A New Path For Becoming Mambo: Finding Africa In The Amazon

Editor’s Note: There’s good news and bad news to share. First, the good news … Becoming Mambo: Finding Africa in the Amazon will be published in the near future. The not so good news? Our goal was to release each chapter for weekend reading in an effort to share this incredible story of culture. However, due to interest in the book by a publisher, the rest of the story will no longer be featured here on ePluribus: America. Although this ends a wonderful chapter of quarantined reading, those interested in the rest of the story will be able to purchase the book in its entirety in the future. The author certainly deserves this opportunity to share his experience and stories of black people, including being compensated for his dedication, efforts and incredible hard work to bring this story to life. Please continue to support writers, artists and all those who make life worth living, thanks to their contributions to Culture, the Arts and Humanities.  As developments unfold, ePa will keep readers informed of the new path of Becoming Mambo: Finding Africa in the Amazon.  Thank you for your understanding and support.


Ti Mambo

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