Cultural Seminars & Training Sessions

ePluribus: America’s sole mission is to highlight and share the unique cultures that comprise one America. Also, we will be offering cultural seminars and training sessions for groups looking to strengthen their organizational culture.

What is organizational culture?

Edgar H. Schein describes it as a system of shared values held by members of a company or group. Schein has made a notable mark on the study of organizational culture, and ePa will follow his teachings on the subject to help improve your company/group culture. We are building a team of cultural experts to help lead these efforts. Facilitators will use these three (3) levels: Artifacts, Values, Assumptions (a model developed by Edgar H. Schein) most cultures operate on, to bring you an exciting training experience.

Cultural Training Sessions

In addition to teaching Schein’s well proven organizational culture model, training topics will include ways to maintain healthy office relationships among people with different cultural backgrounds, values and beliefs. Together, we can successfully continue to adapt to our cultural evolution.

Contact us to participate.