Melania Trump: When Your Frock Serves The White Power Agenda




Make no mistake, though not your typical FLOTUS, Melania Trump is making blaring and uncomfortable statements with her wardrobe. Through her frocks she’s letting us all know who she is, what she values and supports; white supremacy and intolerance. And this tea is being served on the world’s stage.

Her “I Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket wasn’t even subliminal. It was a blaring truth about her husband’s humanity, something she wholeheartedly aligns with just like birtherism; the conspiracy theory surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate. And, standing in staunch support of him when he called for the Central Park Five’s execution; minority men later cleared of raping a white woman in 1989. Her latest outfit “oops, I did it again” moment was another attempt to send a powerful message. This time, the memo went out to the world from the belly of humanity; Africa. “Melanie,” as her husband refers to her when his Twitter fingers get tired, dressed like the Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Seriously. 

As a nation beholden to improving humanity we must put aside the easy mockery of this ridiculous outdated frock disguised as style and dig deeper into the dangerous dog whistle it’s blowing. Keep in mind, the first lady’s solo visit comes on the heels of an international campaign to perpetuate the myth of “white genocide” in South Africa. According to Southern Poverty Law Center, (SPLC) the misleading outcry from South Africa’s alt-right is reaching its intended purpose; fanning the flames of racism. And Donald Trump is making matters even worse when he takes to social media, irresponsibly feeding the myth by instructing his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to look into “the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers.” SPLC’s Justin Ward writes, “Collaborations between the racist “alt-right” and their South African counterparts have ramped up.” Whether the aloof and out of touch first lady’s visit confirms this or not, her attire and attempt to impersonate a racist colonizer only feeds this narrative. And it’s a bold move from the Trump crime family.

“He broke every rule, every traditional concept with extraordinary success. In a civilization based upon reason and knowledge, he introduced absurdity and unreality, and cultivated insanity among the masses as a dedicated scientist would a bacteria growth,” wrote Chandler Brossard in The Insane World of Adolf Hitler.

History is repeated itself right in front of our eyes. But we’re too mesmerized and hypnotized, leading hyper-connected fast paced lives to work together to save the world from Trump and his ilk. Trump should scare the hell out of us like Freddy Kruger in a corn field but we’re too numb or afraid to fight back hard like former Attorney General Eric Holder recently suggested, “When they go low, we kick ‘em”.  If We The People don’t stand up and fight to take back our country, our indifference and disconnection to our sacred belief of being keepers of one another and mother earth, allows “Melanie” to use her frocks as alt-right dog whistles. Similar to the boldface and unapologetic lying, tax cheating from Trump and his staff, and the “OK” finger sign some in his circle are using, including Zina Bash during Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, to openly express white power unity. The end game is to take us back to a time when America was great for whites only.

Now, they’ve taken this messaging to the global market place. It came beautifully wrapped too. Melania Trump dressed like a colonial era figure, posing like the rich entitled white woman she is, while being courted by Africans on safari. Images are powerful. They convey emotions and capture moments in time that highlight our humanity and the world we live in. The first lady’s Nazi like outfit did just that.

That’s where you can go with the colonizer getup.

These are frightening times … and it’s not even Halloween yet.








4 thoughts on "Melania Trump: When Your Frock Serves The White Power Agenda"

Jeffrey ferris says:

I think the author is too kind about why all of this Hitlerish crap is taking place in front of our eyes and, for whatever reasons, few seem to be fighting back. I’ve come to conclude that a Hitlerish approach to leadership is what people seem to want as the most incongruent events in our “democracy’s” daily life doesn’t seem to faze many, if not most, of our electorate. For whatever reasons, the Maslow motivational level of a large number of people in our country seems to be focused on lower level needs and current leadership plays on that quite successfully. Any success in fighting the problem first will need to fully understand and accept what the issues are and offer competitive alternatives. If any of this is true, for example, Bernie’s approach is off base and doomed to defeat.

jlenoir says:

Turning a blind eye to blatant wrong doing benefits some of our electorate, including some of those they represent. And they’re dangerously proud of how things are disproportionately unfolding. And, you’re right, the attitude toward these important social and cultural issues has always been: If it doesn’t directly affect me, it’s not real and it doesn’t truly matter. Our recent reminders of turning a blind eye to social terrorism is the on-going war in Yemen, the genocide in Rwanda and even what’s happening in Myanmar today. For some, it’s easier to be led than to lead. I understand fear is real and life is precious, but suffering is the alternative when we’re too afraid to fight back against injustices of all kinds. Thank you for the comment.

Jeffrey Ferris says:

If the current state of affairs continues, the suffering will come sooner than later and unexpectedly for many. I think many people see the upcoming elections this year and in two years will alleviate many of the issues. I’m not so sure. I’m interested in hearing what you think might be some practical solutions. Thank you.

jlenoir says:

Thank you for the thoughtful question. I think the 2018 midterm election results gave life to the sentiments many are feeling across the country. However, seeing the results in Florida, Georgia and Texas, it’s clear we still have much work to do to bridge the gap that keeps us from truly being united as a people on common goals. Practical solutions include a focus on cultural education among Americans and valuing non-whites for their contributions to our great country. Not just in February for Black History Month. Everyday should be black history day or off all other ethnic groups in America. Recognizing that we are truly a diverse nation not going back in time is another key to this puzzle. The resistance to this reality is strong and fierce. Seeing diversity as an avenue to improve our country from small towns to big cities is key too. Most people want to work and be a part of what makes their community their home. For too long, certain people have been marginalized and recognizing this is important in order to work to loop them back into the folds of our democracy. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s time to focus on the underdogs of our society and bring them to a place of relative prosperity our extremely wealthy country shareholders enjoys. That’s what we all work for after all; keeping shareholders bloated regardless of the detriment on humanity and society. And this focus to improve the lives of struggling people in America has to cut across color barriers even though blacks have suffered the most in America. In essence, our wealth is not shared fairly. When it finally is, life will be sweeter for all. That means not fighting against paying people a living wage or lowering healthcare costs. I can go on and on but I hope this gives you an idea of my position, which is a more just world.

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